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This Genealogy Web Site is dedicated to researching the Rhode Island Deake/Dake family genealogy . After the Revolutionary War, all but two lines of the Deake family changed their surname to Dake. Current research indicates that the Deake family originated in the Rhode Island colony in the very early 1700's, when two brothers who were pressed sailors jumped ship. For more information on the origins of the name, go to the BOOK INDEX and search for DEAKE SURNAME.

This information is provided for Deake/Dake genealogy research only. Other uses of this information is prohibited. I ask in return for the use of this information that you contribute to this documentation effort by providing corrections, additions of family stories/pictures and constructive comments, all are extremely welcome.

To use this site, click on the "Book Index" button on the left. You will see an index of the book down to the fourth generation, from our original ancestor. Click on the appropriate link to view your ancestor and his descendants. You can also do a search of the entire database using the "Search" button on the Book Index page.


I am going to use this window to list information on Deake / Dake's, that I can not place in our family but that I have reason to believe are related to the Rhode Island Deake/Dake line. Please help me in identifying these unknown "possible" family members.

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This site is also dedicated to the memory of LESLIE GREEN II , who helped me in the early years of my research and freely provided all the information in his possession.