1. Person believed to be a Dake Cousin of Mary Dake (living in Columbia Falls, MT) from Grass Valley, CA in 1910. Probably related to Daniel Benjamin Franlkin Dake (ABDCBAB); however, the only Mary I find in that line is his brother's (Warren Ezra Gilbert Dake) wife, Mary Elizabeth Cheney.


2. William F. Dake

Looking for the father of William F. Dake who started Dake Engine Company on January 7, 1887 and now called Dake Manufacturing, in Grand Haven, Michigan. William Dake was the inventor of the square piston steam engine which at one time was used very extensively in marine applications. William's brother was Edward Benjamin Dake.  

Solved:  William was born about 1850 in Jamaica.  He was the son of Henry F. Dake (b.1826, Hannover,Germany -d. 1900 Grand Haven, Michigan) and Caroline Dake (b. 1826 Hannover, Germany- d.    ).  Henry also had children: Mary (b. 1858, Michigan), Edward Benjamin (b. 1863, Michigan) and Charles W. Dake (b. 1868, Michigan).  Henry's parents (Lomi and Clarier Kaler Dake) were also both born in Germany.  These were Dake's off the German line and in no way related to our family.  William F. Dake died on Oct. 9, 1892 in Grand Haven, Michigan.